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TLX Partners | Privacy Statement

TLX Partners | Privacy Statement

Prior to sending us any Private Information or Data or accessing this Website, kindly read this Privacy Statement. At TLX Partners we have a strong commitment to protecting all users personal information and data collected through our website. Ant information or data gathered through use of this website shall be handled in accordance with the regulations details below.

Internet Usage
Typically, any interaction via the internet is not secure, including accessing websites and communicating by email. Whilst TLX Partners adopts high security methods to enhance protection, the internet is an open network globally and we are open to the same risks involved in all internet communication, including accessing websites and communicating by email. As a result TLX Partners cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of users of this website or other persons distributing data over the internet. We recommend all users of the internet to take applicable measures to enhance security, such as but not limited to having up-to-date anti-virus software installed on all devices connected to the internet to access our website.

Collection of Data
TLX Partners promises that we will not collect any Private Information or Data that individually identifies you as a visitor to our website unless you have agreed to it. By sending an email or completing a form on or website, you implicitly agree that we will collect the data you have provided.

TLX Partners also promises to keep Private Information or Data held by TLX Partners confidential and secure. Your privacy is important to us, therefore we will only disclose your Private Information or Data where it is absolutely necessary. We do not provide your Private Information or Data for purposes such as marketing.

In submitting Private Information or Data you agree that it may be used for the following purposes:

  • processing account information
  • reconciling payments
  • improving customer satisfaction
  • executing securities trades
  • day-to-day operations
  • executing a corporate change such as a takeover, merger and acquisition or share buy back scheme
  • customer service duties such as administration, telecommunications, IT, accounting, banking, financing, insurance, outsourcing, or other services provided to TLX Partners in connection with the operation of its business
  • any other lawful purpose

Access to Data
If you would like to obtain in writing a copy of our Privacy Statement, please send your written request to the Data Privacy Manager:

One Island East Centre
14-18 Westlands Road
Taikoo Place
Hong Kong

TLX Partners will not hold on to any private information or data provided by users of this website. We may use other information gathered from users of this website, only if we can verify it is anonymous. We do this in to understand how users can have a better experience navigating through the website and therefore assist us in offering users an improved service.