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Raymond Tan - Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Tan is a founding principal of TLX Partners and plays an active role in TLX Partners’ daily operations. Before forming TLX Partners in 2009, Raymond and Co-Founder, Mr. Wilson Lian-Xioa, worked together on numerous financial projects working with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).

After the passing of Mr. Wilson Lian-Xioa, one of our founding members, Raymond has taken full responsibility of all aspects of the company, including working very closely with Mr. Molstad since his appointment as our Managing Director and Ms. Chan as Chief Financial Officer.

Under Raymond’s leadership and guidance, TLX Partners has become a leading investment management firm within the Asia-Pacific region, with numerous institutional and private clients worldwide.

Raymond has a Masters in Finance from the School of Economics and Finance in Hong Kong, as well as holding Management Accountancy qualifications.

Jon Molstad - Managing Director

Jon Molstad joined TLX Partners in 2009 as a Senior Portfolio Manager. He previously worked with Bank of America as a Financial Analyst for 11 years. After the passing of Mr. Wilson Lian-Xioa, Jon was appointed as Managing Director of TLX Partners in 2013.

Mr. Molstad has an important role within the firm on a daily basis, where he oversees all aspects of finance, treasury and analytical departments, as well as providing valuable input on new strategies.

Prior to joining Bank of America, Jon worked as a chemical engineer with Moderna Therapeutics Inc. in Massachusetts. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Veronica Chan - Chief Financial Officer

Veronica Chan joined TLX Partners in 2009 as a Senior Auditor before being made Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Chan has previously worked for UBS and CitiBank in Hong Kong.

Ms. Chan is responsible for all of TLX Partners’ daily financial operations, including overseeing the issuance of financial information, monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans and report financial results to the board of directors.

Veronica Chan obtained her Masters in Economics and Business Administration from the City University of Hong Kong.

Glenn Dale - Chief Investment Officer

Glenn Dale joined TLX Partners in 2009, and has held numerous positions within the company, before earning the position of Chief Investment Officer.

Prior to joining TLX Partners, was at Australian institution Westpac Banking Corporation where he was responsible for all investment related decisions and finding opportunities in the markets and monitoring performance evaluation and risk profiles of all of TLX Partners’ strategies.

Mr. Dale received a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research & Engineering, with distinction, from the Melbourne School of Engineering.

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