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TLX Partners possess a vast array of investment services and products to help you fulfil your financial objectives.  We put together your investment plan through a meticulous procedure of portfolio building which uses a vast array of investment products.

TLX Partners scrutinizes in great detail your portfolio needs using a unique method of quantitative, qualitative, and technical research tools to determine asset allocation, together with our cutting-edge portfolio professionals, pursue your goals when relaying financial information to achieve the best possible results.

Targeted return is a distinct portfolio with the aim of accumulating a targeted return of 3% to 5% plus cash, irrespective of how the market is trading. The factors which determines this is a mixture of cash, fixed interest, hedge funds and property.

Short term investments are predominantly tailored to generate yields while preserving liquidity. A fundamental aspect of successful portfolio management is having the ability to make quick investment decisions without the need to disrupt existing assets, while still providing healthy returns.

Our individual stock selections are built on firm potential for capital appreciation, regardless of the class of equity. TLX Partners also administer broad equity diversification through a range of managed and unmanaged fund selections.

TLX Partners provides a broad range of fixed income solutions to provide clients with a reliable income stream and to manage risk levels. Bonds are a trusted safe-haven, and we offer both managed and unmanaged bonds.

Here at TLX Partners, we have access to a vast array of hedge funds and alternative fund products. This opens up avenues to access more sophisticated investment products, tools, strategies and solutions.

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